Sunday, September 30, 2012

Left overs, kinda.

Oooh man, what a weekend! We had soccer pictures and a soccer game Saturday morning, then we spent the afternoon at the Touch a Truck event, which was awesome! But man oh man, can I use a break! I'm totally unmotivated tonight, and frankly I give myself props for going to the grocery store at all LOL

So for lunch tomorrow he's getting: the left overs if his cheese sandwich from today, the last hardboiled egg in the house, mini Oreo crisps from the 100 calorie pack he didn't finish yesterday, and mixed fruit (blueberries, mango and strawberries)

The fresh strawberries were looking sad, so I bought some frozen whole strawberries. I have frozen fresh ones before, and they worked well. If these go over just as well, I'll dance for joy! Strawberries through the fall/winter? Yeah!

I found some honey roasted soy nuts and got them to try. I love them, and my son likes them too :) So he's getting soy nuts and grahms for snack on Tuesday. Tomorrow he's getting left over mini muffins and grapes. The grapes, of course, are left over from soccer LOL

P.S. For the cheesy rice stuff on Friday, he ate about half if it and said he didn't like it very much. :) Whatever!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mish mash

So... the wrap was a flop. Lesson learned! :( It's true - try it at home first.

Anyway, for tomorrow he wanted our left over cheesy rice and broccoli for lunch, so before I packed it I had him try it cold. He said he "kinda" liked it, but he wanted it in his lunch. So, here we go again. Kinda.

We have: cheesy rice and broccoli, a hard boiled egg, mini bagel with cream cheese, and raspberries with chocolate chips.

It's more than he'd usually get, or at least it feels that way, but I wanted to make sure he had enough in case he decides he DOESN'T like the rice at lunch.

Today he took two bites of the wrap and that's it. Poor kid was hungry! But you know... he could have eaten it if he was THAT hungry *shrug* LOL

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That's a wrap!

I'm trying something new and breaking a cardinal rule. I'm sending him to school with something he's never tried. EEK! I told him about the wrap and he said it sounds like dessert - so I'm hoping it goes over well!

Little man suggested using a sword to hold the wrap together, so he's getting those too (along with a chat about how the swords stay IN his lunchbox and if there's an issue he won't get them again) :)

For tomorrow he has: a cream cheese and jam tortilla wrap, mixed fruit (mango, strawberries and blueberries), pretzel and parmesean gold fish, and yogurt raisins with marshmallows.

I need to find a better way to do the wrap... this was kind if a mess. I had to warm the tortilla to make it soft enough to roll, but that made the cream cheese impossible to spread, then when I rolled it, a lot of the jam squished out. I think next time I'll leave the tortilla out to get to room temp and see if that helps. Any other pointers?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The package!

Tomorrow is half day, so no lunch :) But I wanted to show his lunch box and how the easy lunchbox container fits in it.

This is a lunch box from Old Navy, but it's a very common size/style :)

I fit an ice pack, the easy lunchbox, and a box juice (on its side) in here every day.

Overall, I REALLY like the easy lunch boxes. I'm so glad I picked them up - there's a good chance they'll last all year! Worth every cent! I can fit plenty of food, and the silicone holders to add more "sections" if needed. They're easy to clean - I do them by hand.

The lunch boxes from Old Navy were pretty cheap too, I bought a couple in case any managed to break or get yucky inside... *knock wood* so far so good!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My "I'm tired, what's laying around?" lunch

Yawn. I don't know why today seemed so long! It came time to pack lunch and I drew a complete blank. The kitchen was cluttered with left over snacky stuff from my moms weekend getaway to Palm Springs - so I decided to go with it LOL

We've got: a hardboiled egg, strawberries (the last if them!), blueberry mini muffins, and fruit snack bunnies and marshmallows.

I want to try a wrap this week, I just have to see if he'll at least try it :) I'm thinking cream cheese and strawberry jam on a tortilla? If I stick it with a plastic sword toothpick thing, he might just like it! We'll have to see :)

Edit: after looking at this lunch, it's an awful lot of "sweet", so I took out 2 mini muffins and I'll add a piece of buttered toast in the morning...

Sunday, September 23, 2012


As I was getting ready to pack lunch for tomorrow, Dude told me he wanted one bat and one dinosaur. Logistically, that wouldn't work. Then he suggested he could have one of each today, and one of each tomorrow! problem solved! :)

He also chose bologna and cheese - but we were out of bologna, so I snuck in some honey baked ham slices. The verdict?

"This is the best bologna EVER!"


So tomorrow he has: a "bologna" and cheese bat and a plain cheese dinosaur with Cliffs kids fruit twist spots and stripes, raspberries and chocolate chips (the berries were BOGO so I need to use them before they spoil!), and a mix of wheat thins and Special K herb crackers.

I've also included a pic of what the "leftovers" look like :) That's from the bat - you'll see there's really only crust!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It was THAT good!

Dude's only comment on today's lunch? "It was DELICIOUS! Can I have the same thing again?!"

Well of course he can! LOL But he ate the last garlic knot, so I improvised a bit...

He has: cheese tortolini with olives and broccoli tossed in Italian dressing, flat bread with butter and Parmesan, raspberries with chocolate chips and angry bird grahms :)

When I opened his lunch box today there was half of an olive in there. That's it. *blink* someone's growing! He plowed through 9 fish sticks and 2 servings of green beans tonight. YOWZA!

I hope tomorrows lunch goes over as well :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pasta Salad done right

Take two! We actually had broccoli this time so he's getting the good stuff LOL

I'm surprised at what he's been requesting :) I'm surprised that he's actually been requesting things! This is a kid that's usually "whatever"... now he's all "a garlic knot and pasta, if we have it."

So for tomorrow he's getting: Cheese tortolini with broccoli and olives tossed in an Italian dressing, a garlic knot (from dinner the other night), raspberries with chocolate chips, and a few angry bird graham crackers.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dino's again :)

Ok, I was shocked today when I looked in Dudes lunch and there was one pancake left. That's it. He ate the whole hardboiled egg... that's new! :)

For tomorrow he requested dinosaur sandwiches again. Easy peasy!

We've got: double cheese dinosaur sandwiches with black olive spots and stripes :) , oranges and grapes, and angry bird grahm crackers and yogurt dots (they're gerber stages foods, shhhh!!!)

I'm totally loving packing lunches :) I never thought I'd be this excited every night to pack a lunch LOL Sure, we're only a few weeks in... but I'm having so much fun.

I'm also scouring the net for more easy lunches for my semi-picky eater. The corn dog muffins were a flop, he ate half of one and said he didn't know there was a hot dog in it *sigh* If you have any "go to" lunches that don't involve lunch meat or raw veggies, hit me with it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Breakfast for lunch

Yep, again. I made eggs for egg salad (for me!) and my son planned his lunch around having a hardboiled egg :)

So he has: A hardboiled egg, mini pancakes, a container of jam to dip his pancakes, grapes and sweet goldfish crackers with marshmallows and yogurt raisins.

I'll peel the egg in the morning, I'm hoping it stays moist (?) until lunch.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Corn Dog Muffins!

Something new tomorrow! My son loves corn dogs, so we're going to try corn dog muffins :) I just used a Jiffy corn bread mix and added cut up hot dogs (we've had lots of BBQs this summer so we had sme leftover!)

The pasta salad was a big hit today! He brought home an empty lunch box and said it was his favorite lunch of the day LOL Even the olive oil and parmesean dip was gone. YAY!!

So for tomorrow we have: corn dog muffins, a little cup of ketchup, raspberries with chocolate chips in them, and pretzels/cheese crackers and raisins.

If these work out, I may try a chicken broccoli corn bread muffin next :) He'll eat just about anything in muffin form LOL I don't think he'll eat two full muffins, but he's been eating "well" yesterday and today, so I'd rather he have too much (and bring some home).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pasta salad!

This is supposed to have broccoli in it, but apparently we ate it all over the weekend! Nothing fancy here...

We have: cheese tortolini with olives and a dash of Italian dressing, flat bread (I'll add some olive oil and parmesan in the morning), cinnamon peaches and Oreo crisps.

The cinnamon peaches are technically a dessert, but I didn't realize they were those until I opened it. OOPS! :) Th Oreo crisps are about half of the 100 calorie bag (hey, mom needs a snack too!)

This is our first run with pasta salad for lunch, so we'll see how it goes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Repeat - kinda

Well the dinosaurs with eyes, spots and stripes were a HUGE hit, so he requested the SAME lunch but with bats.

So here it is: Double cheese bat sandwiches with fruit roll spots/stripes, mixed fruit (mango, strawberries and grapes), and Angry Bird cheese crackers. The rest of the fruit roll is in there with his sandwich :)

I wish my kid liked cold veggies *sigh* but I guess I should be thankful he eats loads of cooked veggies (he requests green beans at least twice a week!). I'll have to offer him cold green beans... if he'll eat them I'll do cartwheels!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

OMG y'all

I did a decorative bento type lunch. Capture this, it may never happen again! My son asked for dino sandwiches with eyes AND polka dots, AND stripes.

So I did it. He had an amazing day and he deserved an awesome lunch :)

Here's what he's got: A double cheese sandwich (American and Swiss. Yuck!), with candy eyes and Cliff kids fruit twists cut for the dots and stripes. Mixed fruit (mango, strawberries, grapes), and the rest of the fruit twist with marshmallows and a couple chocolate chips.

I'm a little overly proud of this lunch! He can't wait to show his new best friend! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boring, by request.

For his last lunch of the school week my son asked for a "plain" lunch. When I asked what that meant he said, "you know... pancakes, grapes... whatever you want."

So, that's what we've got for Friday! Mini pancakes, grapes, sweet goldfish crackers and yogurt raisins. Nothing fancy. Plain *shrug* No yogurt to dip the pancakes in, no cream cheese to make a pancake sandwich. Nothing.

He is having a hard boiled egg and oranges for snack... so maybe he was feeling like breakfast? Who knows? LOL

Edited: it was bugging me, so I added some strawberry Greek yogurt :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yummy hummus!

Wednesday is a short day at my sons school, so we went out to lunch :) But here's his lunch for Thursday!

Again, his choice :) I find that if he chooses what he gets, he eats better. Big shocker, huh??

We've got: Baby carrots, half of a piece of flat bread cut in strips, frozen strawberries (they were too yummy to let spoil, so we froze them quick!) and roasted garlic hummus. I'll also add a little container of ranch, but I have to go get some. Oops!

I've posted 2 pictures so you could see my GENIUS idea (stolen from pinterest!) of using press and seal wrap over the sections that might get gooey. Strawberry juice in hummus doesn't sound good at all! The press and seal wrap is ridiculously easy to use (and remove!), I just cut it to the size I needed and pressed it down! I kind if pushed it down into the sections a little, to accommodate the lid pressing down on it.

This lunch includes: Easy lunchbox container, press and seal wrap and silicone cupcake cups :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

kindergarten lunches!

well... I haven't used this blog in a looong time, but my son starts kindergarten tomorrow and I'm packing his lunches. eep!

I've scoured the net searching for kindergarten lunch ideas, packaging ideas, etc. and I actually think we're ready! I've got the easy lunchbox 3 sectioned containers (from amazon) and rectangle lunch bags from old navy - and a Ninjago one from khols! they fit the container+ice pack+juice/water and that's the important part!

my son is kind of a finicky eater. he likes "different" things, but he likes what he likes... and if he doesn't like something, he WILL NOT eat it. which makes it interesting. :) so you won't see a lot of sandwiches here... and you won't see a lot of originality LOL he originally said he wanted hummus and bread every single day... so we'll see!

so here it is - day one of kindergarten tomorrow!! and this is what he chose for the special day: salami and cheese bat shaped sandwich, Parmesan goldfish and raisins, and raspberries with chocolate chips for dessert :) he'll also take a bottle of water or box juice every day.

my goal is to take a picture every day. im a nut who likes to see these things... :)

here's a wonderful blogger mom that has some cool bento lunch ideas!
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