Monday, October 29, 2012

New bread :)

My boys not growing this week. Last week he ate us out of house and home, this week he's eating half of a "normal" serving... *sigh*

So I hope he eats tomorrow! It's one of his favorites :)

We have: cheese tortolini with broccoli and olives in Italian dressing, fresh mango, marshmallow eyes and a mini garlic flat bread (two halves)

The flat bread is something I found at my new favorite grocery store, Fresh and Easy! They are 100 calories each and YUMMY! I've had 2 for snacks already. I'll definitely need to go back for more LOL

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Rachel said...

LOVE the marshmallow eyes. Oh, my goodness -- I may have to steal that for tomorrow's lunch. Cade would flip OUT (marshmallows are his favorite thing ... right after cupcakes, frosting and oatmeal).