Sunday, December 9, 2012

Frosty :)

We sat down today and planned out the lunches for this week - he's decided he likes hot lunches *sigh* so he'll probably have one a week. I'm glad that they have a salad bar though :) He said he ate his chicken sandwich and LOTS of pineapple and cantaloupe!

For lunch Monday he has: A frosty the snowman cheese sandwich, fruit/veggie leather, sugar free lime jello, Angry Bird cheese crackers.

Frostys scarf, hat and smile are the fruit/veggie leather, he has a candy coated sunflower seed for a nose, candy eyes and smarties buttons :)

I made the jello in the lunch container, do I hope that works out well! I wanted to add fruit to the jello, but that was veto'd. LOL

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